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Southern Peru field work

While fieldwork in Peru in 2009 was spent primarily in Vitor, 2010 fieldwork involved a whirlwind tour of Southern Peru's archeological sites, cultural museums and government storerooms.   The work centered primarily on cosultations and investigations.  While establishing a field school in 2011 might be put on hold for a bit for logistical reasons, there is a ton of consultation work to still be performed, making for many return trips to Peru.  Click on the "Field Projects" link on the side to get more information and images.

The Vincent Price Art Museum

The museum has an incredible selection of Pre-Columbian ceramic vessels that are in need of conservation care and mounts for the museum's new exhibition space to be completed in June 2010. I am initially treating several of the pieces that are to be displayed.

Conservation in Vitor, Peru

I was recently hired as the lead conservator at an archaeological site in Southern Peru near Arequipa.  I traveled there last summer, where I treated several ceramic surface remains and established a conservation laboratory.  The site is pre-Inca (probably Huari) and has an incredible hilltop cemetery overlooking three volcanoes.  In 2011, I will be creating a conservation field school through the UCLA Cotsen Institute of Archaeology either at this site or at others in Peru.

Hungarian Paintings

I am working on a series of 19th - 20th century Hungarian paintings in a private collection. Most are on canvas, except for one which is painted on metal. The paintings are being researched, examined under different lighting conditions, and treated for losses and yellowed varnish. The display environment is also being analyzed.

Victorian Farmhouse
The paint layers of a late 1880s Victorian Farmhouse were examined to determine if the ghost of a porch post could be found along one of the walls.  In all, 11 layers of paint were found that were removed using a variety of solvents. However, the ghost of the post was not found.

Art Deco Mosaic Fountain

I am currently working on an early 20th century mosaic fountain at a private residence.  The fountain has disfiguring past treatments and large cracks that prevent it from holding water.  The cracks are to be filled and lost mosaics are to be replaced with mortar that is carved and colored to match the surrounding tesserae.

Getty Publications

I recently have been employed at the Getty to edit, update and design publications for the Mosaics in Situ field project of the Getty Conservation Institute. Currently, I am working on literature reviews of mosaic deterioration, treatment, reburials and shelters that will be published and available in early 2010.  I also recently completed work on a training manual for conservation of mosaics in situ (excavated and exposed). The training manual originated from conservation and management teachings performed by the Getty Conservation Institute in Tunisia. It is meant to help government organizations and institutions, conservators and technicians throughout the Mediterranean treat, manage and maintain their Hellenistic and Roman mosaics that remain in archaeological sites. If you are interested in the training manual, you may view a downloadable .pdf of the manual in English. The manual is also available as a .pdf in French and a hard copy version in Arabic.


Exhibitions at the Fowler Museum

The Fowler Museum at UCLA has been keeping me busy. I have been doing contract work involving installation and housing of objects, paintings, prints and didactic materials for their current and upcoming exhibits. I have also designed several of their exhibits.The work has been very creative and educational, allowing me to experience all aspects of the museum workplace not just conservation. I now believe I have a true understanding of what it takes to put on an exhibit.  If you are interested in professional, museum-quality installation of your artworks, contact me.


Mosaics Conference

In October 2008, I was in Palermo, Sicily working for the 10th conference of the International Conference for the Conservation of Mosaics (ICCM). I reported on the lectures, assisted in creating the closing remarks for the President of the ICCM and helped with several presentations. The work kept me quite busy and I spent most of my time in Palermo. However, I was able to go on several excursions with the conference that were scattered throughout Sicily. We visited churches whose interiors were covered with incredible mosaics created in the 12th century and archaeological sites with some of the most impressive mosaics in the world, such as at Piazza Armerina.



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